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User Rating: 10 | The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds 3DS

Miyamoto has said for may years he wanted to create a new top-down-point-of-view Legend of Zelda game and it's finally here. I played the last one "A Link to the Past" many years ago, but this new one is much better. The 3d-effect pops out the beautiful colorful graphics. The music is fantastic and the gameplay is a lot of fun and just addicting. You play as Link or whatever you choose to name him and you have to enter these dungeons and temples where you have to rescue the seven sages in order to save the world. Each dungeon is filled with puzzles, enemies and treasure. they're not too big and most of them you can beat in half an hour. for me this was perfect for nice intermeiate gaming sessions. the game took me 19 hours to beat, not getting all items and hidden stuff. for me this was a nice lenght. especially after beating "Fire Emblem Awakening". It's all i wanted out of a portable Zelda game.