The little purple dragon is back....oh wait make that two little purple dragons.

User Rating: 8 | The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon PS3
I have played 2 other spyro games before this one. They were year of the dragon (psone) and enter the dragonfly (ps2). As one would expect, dawn of the dragon is nothing short of amazing graphically and whats more when plaing in multiplayer mode there is no slow down when fighting off grublins and other nasties along the way.

Combat itself is responsive and you will find that when you do press the buttons for a combo, you will find its very spot on, no need to mash the buttons only to be dissapointed with 3 hits. With this game, when you press the attack buttons, spyro or cynder (depending on which you are playing as, move when they should and as they should. Flying/gliding is also a much welcome addition to the spyro series as you can now explore areas much more freely. The game levels in particular the hunter's village is lush with color and feels as though it could go on forever. Most puzzles are easy to work out, and most of them always require team work to get through.

If only they made more of these sort of games on the current gen systems.
Even though its considered a "kids" game there is plenty in the game for adult gamers to get into. So if you do happen to see it sitting on the shelf, before thinking to yourself "hmmf spyro...again...yep another kids game...lame" try it and you will be surprised at just how much they have put into it. It even has the correct feel of a quest type game as well, and with a friend or family member on board as the other character, it makes the game that much more enjoyable.