It's great fun, awesome visuals and gameplay, but you can beat it in no time and the game has no replay value.

User Rating: 7.5 | The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon PS3
I loved this game. I bought it and thought it was super fun. I loved the Co-op feature int he game so that my brother and I could play the main story mode together. The graphics are clean and amazing and the voices and such are good too. The worst flaw I would have to give the game is it's notorious camera. It's horrible and a lot of the time you are like. "ACKK!, let me see!".

Through all of that though, I played the game 100% through, got all the jewels to get and beat the game through. I liked the story and the visuals and the game, but I would suggest renting this game for the week to beat it, because it takes no time at all to beat/get everything.

Fun game while it lasts though. NO replay value unfortunately. Or wait till this gets down to $20 new, Or rent it.