im going to tell you why this game sucked so bad that even gamespot didn't want to rate it

User Rating: 1.5 | The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon DS
Well here i am people here to reveiw a lame ass game i mean omg this game sucked so bad that gamespot didn't want to rate it its just that bad enter the dragonfly is what started this whole bad line of sypro games i hated this game so much well heres the story for the game it starts off with sypro and cyinder wakeing up after 3 year and that part is never really looked into what are they too lazy to go into it but back to the story at hand its just a dark evil dragon that wants to destory the world i mean really with any spyro game you expect much more form the game the levels are long to make up for the game being so short they gave sparks and hunter lame voices they changed spyros look now he looks crap i mean really you expect a way better story line and more bosses in the game there is just 4 boss fights in this game in the first spyro game im sure there where more then 4 boss fights it was open and had lots of levels to go around in but now they go and screw that up why did you do this has got to be your worst game ever why did you even make these did someone just force you too you could look at the stroy line of any game and see that its much better then this one what has the can you see the reason for me giveing this game such a low score there is nothing good about it the only good music is in the 2nd boss battle after that the music just sucks so much if there is any game that takes less then a day to beat is one you will never want to play again i was repulsed by this game this load of crap i would shoot my self first then play the legend of spyro dawn of the dragon on the ds the game play sucks the over all storyline is a rip off same as any game you see an evil wants to destory the world and there are heros to stop it i can give you so many reason why you should never play this game at all at first it seems great once you see the opening you know its going to suck it has a love twist no shock there i knew it would after all the text it was very easy to tell that that was going to be the end result of the game play im sure a lot of you are not going to agree with what im am saying here or why i am saying it but there are so many things in this game that never been told