The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon deserves to become a legend for the PS2 games franchise.

User Rating: 9.5 | The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon PS2
After the PSone versions and Hero's Tail for PS2, Spyro never had a real sequel that would satisfy even the Spyro fans. This game rebuilds the story, sounds fantastic, and even the graphics can compete with the next-gen consoles. What absolutely contributes to the games quality is the so called, partnership playing, or should i say, one more charachter traveling with you. Some examples we saw on a very similar game, Crash Bandicoot ( to be more correct, Crash of the Titans and Crash: Mind over Mutant), altough you can play with a partner there only if you have another player with you. The powers and the combination hits absolutely make this game an unusual, but suprisingly good action game. The graphics on PS3 and XBOX360 is great, but nomal for those consoles. On the other side, the PS2 graphics version is absolutely amazing. The glow, the fire, the ice, the grass, the charachters... Absolutely everything. This game gives a new life to the PS2 owners. Now, lets go to the charachters. We of course, all know Spyro, Cynder, Sparx and Hunter. But now, they are like in a new dimension. Totally redesigned and in an absolutely new glow. Let's begin with Spyro. Spyro gets in this part a little new look and personality. In the last parts, Spyro was known as a little perky purple dragon with a cute face, big heart and childish sense of humor. Now, he is remade. With a little more strict face, Spyro spreads the vibe of a brave dragon with a big heart who is willing to give his life for his friends. Not to mention, that he doesn't have anymore the voice of a 12 year old kid. Nw he has Elijah Wood's voice, who spreads the vibe of maturity, but still has that appropriate sense of humor. Spyro now really looks like a dragon that is ready to save the world. Let's move to Cynder. Once one of Melafor's servants, Cynder decides to move to the light side and helps her hidden love, Spyro. Cynder was once evil, that brings her uncommon powers. When Spyro has fire, ice, electricity and earth, Cynder has powers such as poison, shadow, fear and wind, which gives us great possibilities. Although she is on the light side, she has still dark secrets that are yet to be discovered in the game. Let's move to Sparx. Sparx was always a little dragonfly that was always happy eating butterflies and initiating your energy, but never speaking, just making some weird sounds. Now, Sparx is new. With a new look, Sparx can now speak and that how. Bringing always the laughter in this game, Sparx has an exquisit sense of humor, that makes this game cool, even in the hardest parts. Always there to help, an sometimes your only chance. Now we go to Hunter. Hunter was always the charachter who had the sense of humor like Sparx now. With a big nose and big eyes, Hunter was always there to help you with his tips, and you could even play with him in The Hero's Tail. Now, Hunter is a different person. Hunter never met Spyro and Cynder in this part, which makes him misterious and full of secrets, but again, here always to help and to lead the way. Hunter changes his look here, transforming into a lone hunter, with the look of a tiger or a cougar, whatever. Anyhow, with the changes, Hunter and Sparx are a fresh and good change in this game. And just one more thing- the best part of this game that this is the first Spyro game where you can fly- not just glide. Just press the X button 3 times. Well, i will stop writing now, because it's time that you play this game and explore it to the end. Enjoy.