If you want to know how it ends, just think of the lamest action-fantasy cliches you can and you'll probably be right.

User Rating: 3 | The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon DS
4 and a half hours. I beat this game in a mere 4 1/2 hours. It wasn't even a fun 4 1/2 hours. The worst part was that 45 minutes of those 4 1/2 hours was in the tutorial stage. THE TUTORIAL STAGE. This is the game's biggest flaw, of which there are many.

The gameplay is designed to mimic that of TLoS: Eternal Night on the GBA (which was awesome). Just about all the moves are the same, you have all the same abilities, it's just in 3D (pretty good looking 3D)... on 2D. However, a lot of things from EN aren't done quite as good this time around. Wall jumping requires you to double-jump for some reason, gliding doesn't really seem to help, the combat isn't nearly as deep and interesting as EN, and the elements are basically useless. There's never a point in time where you'll feel like you absolutely need to use them except for when you have to open certain doors. Another thing about that is how you can't really tell which element you'll need, so you'll waste some of your element power trying them all on the door. The boss fights are also a miss for me because the flying levels aren't that good. They tried to be like A New Beginning's, but like everything else, they fell short.

The audio in this game isn't all that great. The music isn't too good, the quality of the sound isn't so great, but the voice acting is alright in the cutscenes, but there's no music or anything to accompany it. And in-game, the grunts and other clips sound really weird.

Another problem is the cutscenes. Everyone is drawn poorly after a while and the pictures don't move at all. The story itself is also full of cliches (it has since ANB). Ignitus died taking Spyro to Malefor saying "My journey ends here but yours must go on!" (LAME), Cynder tells Spyro she loves him right before he rushes of to save the world (LOLBVIOUSLY), the world blows up (apparently) and the hero is frolicking in the flowers in the end with his girl. And what happens to Hunter and Sparx? Hunter just disappears after like the 1st level and Sparx got left behind? What? Why were they so underused? It just feels so rushed and I'm very disappointed this is how it all ends.

Overall, this game is just a total letdown. It's worsened by how much potential this game had. Do not buy this game. Do not rent it. It's really just a waste of whatever you payed to play it. Oh, and another thing. This review contains spoilers. Oops. :D