This is not Spyro

User Rating: 3 | The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon PS2
Spyro was gone already in the eternal night, its a shame they had to do this.

Before Spyro was all about Sparx and saving his friends through funny, quite hard battles and hilarious dialogues. Now Spyro has grown up and lost his charm.

He can fly, he has a health bar, a super power bar and a chick right beside him.
I believe I'm not alone when I say, give us back the old Spyro! This is more like some stupid adventure game made just cause they had an idea. Spyro is a legend, but not a legend the way you show him to be.

Gameplay is ok, camera is horrible, battles are retarded and don't make sense with the camera interfering all the time and that Cynder annoyingly following Spyro.

Better bring back the meaning of Sparx, the gems and Spyro from before cause the next sequel will be definitely worse than this one.