really bad

User Rating: 1 | The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon PS3
I bought the 3 spyro games released on the PSone and loved the open world and freedom to explore. The characters looked stupid and had silly names and they were one of the greatest aspects of the games. The story was simple but engaging.
The first 2 games for the PS2 were trying to stay true to the previous games but seemed more interested in the graphics than the gameplay. There were fewer laughs at the cheesiness of the characters and i was loosing faith in the series.
When the legend of spyro a new beginning was released I noticed that they had changed things and tried the game. The only thing in that game that was taken from the previous games was the little purple dragon. The story was boring and simple, any film lover would know what would happen. The characters introduced were boring and very unfunny. The classic attacks, charge and flame, were replaced with 4 types of breath and annoying repetitive melee combat. I found it so disappointing that I didn't even bother with the second in the trilogy.
When the third game was announced to be on the newer consoles such as the PS3 and the Xbox 360 i assumed that they would look better than anything before and when it was announced that spyro can fly when ever he wants I bought it regardless of the countless bad reviews.