This truly is one of the best spyro games ever: great scenery, epic fighting,great cast and more!

User Rating: 9 | The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon PS2
I have been playing the legend of spyro for years and i can`t get enough.
i have not played the originals because i did not quite like them BUT thats my way of thinking so you dont have to care about that. well anyway back to dotd this is a masterpiece of gaming and the cast is just great Elijah,Oldman,Mark Hamill and all the others. i like that you now can play with both Spyro and Cynder (who is having a quarrel with Sparx) it is still a bit flashy and it will give you some headache if you play for more than 2 hour`s(trust me i know)
the scenery is great and it will make your lower jaw slam into the floor.
i don`t like the thought of that this is the final spyro game so i hope sierra make a new one like: "five years has past since Spyro and Cynder defeated Malefor and brought peace to the world. the thought it all over and were ready for an age of peace but when the young dragon named terrion warns them of an evil in the horizen they must once again be ready for Malefor is not yet done with this world..." anyway this is a game worth playing so go buy it and have fun.