Playing alone is dull yet playing co-op is alright :3

User Rating: 7.5 | The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon PS2
I first played and cleared this game alone, sort of dissapointed yet it's a step up from the previous Legend Of Spyro games that have been released.

Whilst playing alone the computer character just gets in the way, it doesn't really do anything to help while you're getting your ass kicked and they stay unharmed >>

Co-op on the other hand is really fun xD Me and my bezzie played it together and we had a laugh :3 It was highly enjoyable that way in all honesty xP

The graphics are nothing to get excited about but they're nothing to comment badly about either: They're above average ^^

Storyline is.. Ehhh okay.

Gameplay: Irritating at times, especially when you're trying to jump off a wall in the direction you want to go in, it can sometimes shoot you off the wrong way >>

There are 2 things i really hate about the Legend Of Spyro games..
First:: Sparx.
Why did they have to give Sparx a voice, arms and a bad attitude?? It just makes him look and seem like a selfish a** -.-'
The old Sparx was kick-ass.

Second:: The battle system. I miss the classic charging and fire breathing enemies Dx In these games your breath can run out.. Wth? -.-'' He's a dragon! Fire breath running out is a load of bull xD The new fighting techniques are just stupid.. I know it adds new stuff to Spyro but i guess i'm still in love with the classics :3

I hate the way spyro looks in these games to be honest with you xD
But Hunter actually looks so cool in this game ;D I love his new look!

Gameplay: 7:
but with co-op: 8
Graphics: 7
Storyline: 7

I guess my overall rating would be: 7.5