User Rating: 10 | Eiyuu Densetsu: Sora no Kiseki FC PSP
This game is awesome.Story, characters, game ending,game playing, maps all of these are awesome the game is all of surprises. Also it's musics are great. Game's main characters are Estelle Bright and Joshua Bright and side characters are Cassius Bright,Shera,Kloe,Zane,Olivier.Usually you play with Joshua Bright and Estelle Bright, when you play this game side characters join you except Cassius Bright .You can play this game without boring. Every moment equals action in this game.If you want finish this game you must play for at least 50 hours.But it is worth it.Especially estelle's and joshua's romance is awesome.When you finish this game you will face a surprise make sure of this . Also this game is trilogy and this is the first game of the triology so that don't worry about game ending :) .In short i think this is a second best game after final fantasy on rpg games i can't wait for the second game :))