Great game? Yes.. New Final Fantasy-like quality RPG? No.. ....2011 game???

User Rating: 8.5 | Eiyuu Densetsu: Sora no Kiseki FC PSP
sadly, psp's on its final breaths of life, but it doesn't mean it hasn't great new games. Tactics Ogre: Let us Cling Together was an amazing game, but it doesn't steal all the bright of Legend of Heroes Trails in the Sky...just a little

In a kingdom far away, people lives revolve around some strange machines that, instead of gas, uses a kind of magic to work inside some orbs called...well, Orbs, created 10 years ago after the orbal revolution.
The main heroine (that's right, it's a girl) is Estelle Bright, a 16-year old girl who likes to talk a lot, bash enemies with a staff and have a crush on Joshua, an adopted child brought to her when his father, the great and famous Cassius Bright, found a child amidst the battlefield years ago.
Both Estelle and Joshua are about to complete their...umm..."school" become apprentice bracers, some kind of people who do missions to promote peace in the town and solve problems alike (and get money *cofcofmercenarycofcof*).
When they finish and become apprentice bracers, they left in a journey to become senior bracers, by completing certain events in 5 different towns in the game, while searching for the whereabouts of Estelle's missing father, who becomes missing after a "flying ship" which he was aboard dissapears.
(the story gets a lot of complex, involving coup d'etats, betrayals, love stories and farses, but I'm not going to spoil all the fun here =)

In other words, the story is well-made, a must for quality RPGs

nothing unusual here. You take control of Estelle and her group 90% of the time exploring dungeons, battling monsters, visiting shops, speaking to people, hearing out what they have to say and sometimes laughs with a joke or another scaterred between the dialogues.
The battle itself is somehow equilibrated. Characters are distributed in a field where they have to move towards enemies to attack (or get in range), cast spells or skills (where the game insist to say it's actually Orbal Arts), and when the meter's full, a S-break, an attack that interrupts the action of any member, ally or not, to execute an devastating attack to the enemies (or heal and revive your party if it's Kloe, one of the various characters you'll battle with along with a bunch of others, though not in the same time).

--Goods and Bads--
Like most people reviewed, the story has a lot of turnovers in its course, so don't expect a pretty face and polite speeches means you're facing an ally..the other way around hardly happens...
Though the game itself doesn't make you do much things outside your main quest beside leveling, money making and a LITTLE of side quests to get a cool item, you'll spend long hours in it, and since you can save anytime and the game lets you restart a battle if all your party gets killed, you'll never have the awfull feeling of doing an entire dungeon/scene all over again (except, may I say, in the final battles, since you can't save between battles).
The bad aspects are that the game, even as addictive as it is, it falls repetitive from time to time, so you'd like to pause your psp and do something else after some hours of playing.
Also, battles can be, at the same time, a walk in the park, but can in a second become your worst can kill normal monsters in an area with a single hit, but during boss battles or extermination missions, the monsters are so unexpectingly strong you'll end up restarting the same battle a couple of times until you get it done.

Also, one thing I MUST say...this game was released in US in 2011....but this game it's actually (guess what?) a translation of a 2006 japanese game named Eiyuu Densetsu: Sora no Kiseki, or translating to english, Legend of Heroes: Miracle of the Sky.
I completed the game and was searching for the follow-up game...and Eiyuu Densetsu SC (second chapter) is a 2007 game, and the third and final follow-up, launched in 2008.
I know, RPGs are a heck to translate since most of the game are dialogue texts instead of voices and menus...but c'mon, 5 years?!? Most games nowadays (even rpgs) can be translated in an year or even less, so why such lag down? Falcom's even making their 3rd Eiyuu Densetsu trilogy (search for zero no kiseki) and not even translated their second trilogy? it's like launching a game today and 5 years later relaunch it in another language to get more easy money with small efforts.
*sigh* things in this life I'll never understand.

All in all, a game I'd recommend for any RPG lover or regular gamer. Just don't expect a premiere game since it's actually an 2006 translated game