Great Game Great Story Surprising Ending Definitely buy it!!!! It was all story and no fillers a must for anime l

User Rating: 10 | Eiyuu Densetsu: Sora no Kiseki FC PSP
Its a rpg. I bought this game because a friend of mine told me it was great when he played it on the Japanese PC version of the game I am definitely glad they translated and put it on the PSP.

There is no voice acting just average comments in English when they attack sometimes.

You don't have to change party members(4 total at any given time) you have 2 main characters and the remaining 2 changes depending on the area and/or special situation that is occurring which is story based and makes it more exciting.

It is easy to level up and you get money by completing quests or selling gems obtained from battles.

The ending definitely leads toward the sequel too making you want to see what happens next.

I spent close to 50 hours playing this game and it really didn't give me time study for school because every time I would put the PSP away I would end up thinking about what was going to happen next and I would play some more. Its been a long time since a game has given me that feeling and I'm glad I tried this game out.

I tried not to give any spoilers hope this helped. ; )