A must for every rpg fan out there!

User Rating: 9.5 | Eiyuu Densetsu: Sora no Kiseki FC PSP
Trails in the sky is´nt like the every rpg game you´ve played.
After playing over 100 rpg games in my life time, this is one of top 10 in my list.

You experience lot of emotions while playing, including a LOT of laughter, exightment etc.
The story is just perfect, no spoilers (you will have to try it yourself to experience the 50+ hours of no regret).
Although you will get alot of twists and turns to give you the lust for more information of whats happening.

The fighting is super fun with exelent skills and magic to be used.
Where monsters drop elemental crystals pieces that is up to you to decide if they should be sold for money, made into a crystal or opening new slots on the orbment, giving you both stats, added effects and magic to use.
Every party member uses unique "clock looking item" called orbments, for installing crystals in.
a miximum of 6 available slots to be used for the orbment.
There are a total of 7 elemental crystals in the game, giving you different magic depending on how strong the crystal is and how you decide to combine the elemental crystals.
The best part is that you get a notebook, showing what magic you can get with the crystals and what quests you need to do or already done.

Not forgetting the famous monster guide book and also a recipe book to cook food for health with added buffs, in and out of battle.

Finally, if you havent played LOH Trails in the sky, then sux to be you cause this is a game is worth every spent dollar and more.