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User Rating: 9 | The Last Story WII
The Last Story is a JRPG, a Japanese roleplaying game. You play as Zael (Elza in the Japanese version), a young mercenary with dreams of becoming a knight in a city called Lazulis. He and his band of mercenary scum hang out in the local pub. One day Zael discovers he has mystical powers and soon he becomes involved in a war with the neighboring island and the local Count's schemes.
The game is divided in chapters with Zael and his party fighting in dungeons, pirate ships and many other places. In between chapters they hang out in the local pub. The combat is a lot of fun. I used the classic controller. You have some magicians in your team and you can give tem commands to use magic. it's all in real time, with lots of action.
The graphics look great. It's Wii game, but the artwork is very good. So is the music. I bought the limited edition which comes with an artbook, metal casing and a soundtrack cd. The artbook is very small. The metal casing is cool, but you'll have two casings. The soundtrack cd is only 25 minutes. I ended up ordering the 3-cd soundtrack on e-bay. They are not producing this soundtrack anymore, so if you're into this kind of music i recommend picking one up for a reasonable price if you can still find them. I do not recommend picking up the limited edition of this game. The normal version should be just fine.
The Last Story took me about 30 hours to finish. For me that's just fine. It never gets boring.