Does The Last Story truly live up to its potential or is it just another disappointment...?

User Rating: 9.5 | The Last Story WII
Presentation: 9.5
Let me be honest i'm no japenese expert, but i can get a good idea of the story based on the characters emotions, and the last story does not disappoint, the game has some funny moments a deep story, and some great voice acting.

Graphics: 10
Forget everything you know about the wii limitations. The Last Story pushes far beyond it with gorgeous visuals, a smooth frame rate, great character animations, and so much detail it will make you cry.

Gameplay: 9.5
The controls are very simplistic and work great, the combat mechanics add variety to each character as well as a very deep customization system that adds on to the game, there's plenty to do as well as online that sorta of plays like monster hunter tris coop system, or free for all which you choose a character to play as and battle. Its a bit disappointing to see that you cant use your character from story mode to free for all, but its probably for the best to keep the game balanced. Alright so let me go abit more detail in what you do online. In coop mode basically you team up with 6 people in order to fight a huge monster/boss sorta of like monster hunter. And in free for all, you basically fight a few people online but except you choose a character with there own level cap and abilities like monster hunters arena mode. It works for the most part and there is no lag from what i've seen. But that's probably because the game has recently been released.

Sound: 10
A downright amazing soundtrack with great voice acting will really suck you in.

Lasting Appeal: 10

The game is enormously long, lasting at about 30+ hours and that's not even counting the online, there's alot to do with this game and plenty to have fun with in the last story.

The Verdict: 9.8/10 Amazing!

The Last Story is a near perfect game with a deep customization system, a long story mode, plenty of gameplay mechanics that work very well, great online, as well as great voice acting and a great soundtrack. If you've been dying for this type of game for the wii then look no further for the last story will not disappoint.