Great expectations - great disappointment

User Rating: 5.5 | The Last Remnant X360
I have just - finally - finished the game. And I mean it. There was game over and I am not going to return there anymore. Although.... thee are still many tasks to do. As for me the creators tried to make something as awesome as OLD FFs but they totally failed. This RPG has boring story, not much is happening and in between those few events u have quests and leveling up which make the story more thin. The game lacks good, solid and likable (or not) characters. Rush - the main one - has no guts at all. The opponents are just for killing. What annoyed me the most was that it is one of those games that u need a book for, and u must stick to it. One different answer than the book says deprived me of trophy for finishing all the quests :/ Huge minus is also mats dropping after fight. Areas have a few possible enemies to fight with - they change randomly. On the other hand the same enemy u can have in few locations and they give different mats. No book and u don't know what is where. U can run in circles - but u never get your drop. Anyway even when u know ( from the Net) the chance is that small that u just give up bored after few hours. I really expected more from this game since it is just after The Lost Odyssey on RPG lists. What a shame - this game is not finished and doesn't even have potential to be a good game. Who rated it that high ???? OK. there is one positive side of the Remnant that's Pagus :) Its small but still at least something :)