TLR is a fresh and unique game but the cons tend to leave it in the dust of other games better optimized.

User Rating: 4 | The Last Remnant PC
I will save the best for last.

To start off this review, the english voice actors do a good job. I always find that worth mentioning because english voice actors have a nasty habit of generally doing a really really bad job. TLR VOs were pretty nice all around. But overall that is not really all that important.

There are a ton of different characters to include in your "Unions" of many different types, all categorized by class and abilities they may or may not have. You don't equip them though you can upgrade the stuff they do have, you don't get the choice to change their equipment. That is pretty much linear and done for you. You only get to change your own equipment (Rush).

The main character (Rush) has a sister complex that is generally only found on such an extreme degree in Japan. It's a bit awkward sometimes and fills you with this, "Uhhhhhh ... what" kind of feeling. Not a big deal though. Most of us are probably used to Japan's "strange" by now.

Controls are nice and you have a choice whether to use a controller or a keyboard. No surprise there being that it's a port from the consoles. You can use WASD or the arrow keys and everything can be remapped. Worth mentioning, I guess, considering some other games sometimes leave that out.

Finally it's time for my "best for last". I played this game twice, first time I played it on a crappy lowend singlecore PC with a nvidia GPU and a pentium CPU. On that PC it played flawlessly. Today I have a "better" PC geared mostly by an AMD CPU and an ATI GPU, somewhere between mid and highend. The bottom line is this: Do Not Play TLR on AMD hardware.

I repeat: DO NOT play this game on AMD hardware.
You were warned.

Maybe it's the dreaded Unreal Engine that everyone knows is horrible, or maybe Square just didn't optimize things right, or maybe they didn't bother testing the game on a lot of PC hardware combinations, or maybe AMD just sucks and should probably go out of business. I'm personally leaning towards the last one.

Not that it matters ... this game is a bit old at the time of this review. I probably should've reviewed it sooner.

TLR is a fresh and unique game but the cons tend to leave it in the dust of other games better optimized. If it was done without the Unreal Engine, and it had better shadows, worked efficiently on various PC combinations, then I would probably rate it 7 or 8. But it's not. The end.