If you manage to finish this game,then you probably cheated it whole.....

User Rating: 3 | The Last Remnant PC
Since the birth of square enix,i feel their games are goin` downhill.
the last one i enjoyed was final fantasy X-2,and even there i saw the cancer degrading square.now they decided to strike at new[old?]genre and this time its total and complete letdown.story is something i saw somewhere.altho its not bad.music is its bright side and battle themes are of final fantasy standarts[simply wonderfull]so you will ask whats wrong with this game?well its the gameplay.well not whole but large portion of frustration is combat.not only the heroes fight in units[so the heroes get sort of hidden in the mass]but the commands you give them are completely random.you want to use blue streak on that enemy?too bad!the AI lets you only use knee smash[and clockwise].also the battles depend on pure luck,so you will get raped by boss at least 20 times before magically defeat him.worse yet,his defeat will be so easy that you wonder how did you did it.your answer?:L.U.C.K.speaking of bosses,they are extremely ridiculously overpowered.i never saw this somewhere else.even angra mainyu from FFX-2 with its 300000 HP is beatable.but there,boss will do one move,and will instantly send one union[thats what units are called]flying.if it was only that,it would still be whitstandable.but their health is also hidden.how are you supposed to come with sufficent tactic when you dont see their health?your answer?L.U.C.K. even the normal mobs are quite tough,and you will strugle if you will pick up a fight with even one enemy on traveling map[the one where you pick up things from chests,open doors etc.].but after all the mobs have feel of warm feeling as you defeat them.while strong they are still killable.another funny thing is morale.this piece of crap is there just so bosses will have another advantage[as if there were not enough of them,so at start of the battle,they will start pwning you with their strenght over 9000 and because of that,your morale drops faster than you can swat a fly.another funny thing is that enemies allways attack first,which renders atempts for healing useless and that gives them YET ANOTHER ADVANTAGE!graphics are good,but animations[not FMW which are quite nice]is the moment when **** hit the fan[no im not going to censore this]even FF7 could pull out better ones.
so what will you get?well you can make screenshots within game to show what your computer can do,but dont even try to play this game.if you havent played any of FF from Square[yeah SE you really **** up]go for them instead.much more fun are they for sure!

gameplay:1.0 HELL NO!i hope this wont catch up...
story:6.0 allright.it could be much worser.
soundrack:9.0 download it on your MP3.it will be much cheaper...
graphics:4.0 altho models are nice[i saw better]animations are utter bull****.
replayability:1.0 belive me you wont even finish this game,let alone play it again.

ill give it 3.0/10.0 just because of soundtrack and voice acting.