Its a great game with lack of final touch...and poorly optimized at the time

User Rating: 9 | The Last Remnant PC
well i have always been a huge fan of square enix and this is a really ambitious game...its huge,entertaining,simple and beautiful despite the minuses...thing that bothered me the most is probably the battle engagement...its a great idea but it was definitely not properly developed...anyway,anyone who loves ff would most surely love this game too! :)
P.S hardcore players dont even try the game...its a game all about fun much more than about tactics and thinking.
hours of fun-9.0
sound-10(great mixup of metal with electronic touch)
even though its old now when i first played it 2 years ago graphical beauty and creativity stunned me...its got a nice catchy crafting part,great sense of humor and a decent storyline...not even close to ff 10 but still good enough to keep track of ...probably my biggest critic goes to the fact when you fail to win a boss from the first try you need to watch all the cinematics again with no choice of skipping...hope i was useful and enjoy! :)