Epic scope, it both delivers and dissapoints.

User Rating: 9 | The Last Remnant X360
Any publicity is good publicity they say, and in the case of The Last Remnant it is completely true.

You have all read the Gamespot review, and noticed the rather dismal average set by the critics of the gaming world. You've also seen the player reviews, which range from stellar to near crap. Where does the truth lie? Both, I'm afraid.

Last Remnant is by all accounts a brilliant RPG, and a bold endeavor by the grand Square-Enix. The story is engaging, fulfilling and deep; the battle system is complicated at first, but draws you in undeniably as you begin to truly comprehend what is happening. As the game progresses, the charm oozing from every pore will entwine you in its web and you will be unable to put it down. Your dreams will take on an epic cast, I assure you!

That being said there are of course the rather glaring technical issues. The frame rate at times slows to a crawl, and the textures have a way of appearing out of no where. In a game like Final Fantasy this would be a fatal flaw, but in a game with so much happening on screen, its completely forgivable. Think of the days of Suikoden where we were mystafied and satisfied by nearly 8 bit representations of armies on the battle field.

What do you expect from games these days? An HD adventure with stunning graphics and uncompremised realism? Or are you looking for a brilliant story, with fun battles? If you dont get too caught up in your own expectations for the graphics of this generation, you will easily overlook the small errors.

This game as package is worth 8 without a doubt, and a 9 from me because the glitches I can live with. For those who find it too much to bear, I would recommend you still play it, give it a rental. Find a friend, buy him a beer and talk him into letting you play his copy. You won't regret it.........better make it two beers.

Cheers :)