Turbo Not Working

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Alright, i've recently bought The Last Remnant for the PC, inserted Disc1 and it directed me to Steam which is where it was downloaded. Ever since i started playing it the Turbo mode has not worked. When Turbo is "OFF" it seems to run at a normal speed (wouldn't consider it Turbo), yet when i turn Turbo "ON" it runs much slower. I have been watching Turbo mode videos on Youtube and they are much faster than mine, so im confused as to why mines not working. My computer meets the requirements for the game. I've even adjusted the settings but, makes no difference. I've also inserted disc2 but that just bringd up game files. Maybe Turbo isn't working cuase i downloaded it from Steam and not the disc? I don't know.

Any suggestions would be very much appriciated. Thanks