Low battle rank pls help

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i have read a lot of topics about battle ranks in the game tlr and most players say that you should keep your br low and then keep grinding? what? yeah exactly. how can you keep your br low if you keep grinding. maybe what they wanted to say was grind when u already have the characters that you want. is that it? plus im not sure if it really works but if you keep a low br is it easier to learn new skills? so to sum it all up. what i have to do is get all the characters that i want? i mean for my final team? and keep a low br to learn a lot of skills? is that it? your help would be very much appreciated.
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I didn't get it either; if you grind, your BR WILL rise, and you're screwed. Plain and simple. What they PROBABLY meant was like later on in the game, return back to easy areas, and THEN grind on easy monsters (for skills). BR doesn't affect skill gain iirc, only monsters' BR.
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its simple , your current BR vs your enemy BR decides your stats,

by stats i mean strength, intellect,speed, hp,ap etc, so if you are at BR 4 and fighting a monster who is at BR 40, then you will receive huge bonus towards your stats, your endgame will be smooth and you will do godlike damage,

on the opposite side, if you want to destroy some frustrating bosses like fallen, the seven, the ala melviana, the charged idol and all other early bosses you can do heavy grinding and launch gae bolg every turn ,yes...every turn...

however that will affect your later recruits who wont be able to gain that much stats and may die in every battle...

so its basically your choice and how you want to play