Alternative Grinding after PC ultimate grind?

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I completed the PC ultimate grind during Wisdom's Echo earlier this playthrough, however some of my final leaders were missing from that initial team. I now have my final 18 and I'm wondering what would be the best place to stat grind?

 I've kept my battle rank at 36 so far

Also just to confirm, Save/reload trick does not work in PC version correct?

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save and reload trick does not work on the pc version, however you can go to a map having 3 areas like say numor mine, you defeat all monsters in the great tunnel, move to LSM zone and kill them all, next move to excavation area and clear backtrack to great tunnel and the monsters should respawn only in the great tunnel, now move to excavation and the monsters will respawn as its one-map-away trick,

alternatively, if you hate indoor dungeons like me,go to the searing cauldron-great sand sea(divains/deathclaws) try to clear the area completely and you will end up in 9999 chains

are you using mystic seal for grinding?