Don't believe the sheeple!

User Rating: 8 | The Last of Us PS3
I give the game an 8 as well. It was way over hyped. The graphics are great. Gameplay mechanics are ok. Story is pretty plain. Id give the single player portion a 7 overall. It really wasn't all it was cracked up to be. Of course everyone is giving the game high marks because that is what all the other reviews say. I think Gamespot was spot on w/ an 8. You will have fun playing this game but you might feel kinda salty like me if you pay 60 bucks for it. I don't see any point playing th e single player more than once. Id give the single player portion a 7. It is just kinda boring really. Don't be fooled by people saying the story is epic. It sucks. Nothing that hasn't been done a hundred times before. I think if they could have made it an open world game it could have been loads more fun. The characters are OK at best. Didn't feel connected to Joel or Ellie. The AI was not anything special either. The problem with this game is it was hyped up so much that it feels like it lets you down. Now the multiplayer is what will keep me playing the game. I give it a 9 overall in that regard. It is a change of pace from other online multiplayer shooters. It adds some melee combat in the mix which is fun. Also I enjoyed collecting items and crafting things and only havinf limited resources like ammo. You only start w/ one magazine pretty much for gun you have. So you have to scavenge pick up points or dead bodies for more. I see myself playing the multiplayer for a while. But I honestly don't even know if I will finish the single player as it felt tedious and boring really.