Meh...Ellen Page is basically the best part of this game and she's not in it.

User Rating: 7 | The Last of Us PS3
I liked the ending, one of the better endings I can think of recently despite the overall weak storytelling. Ellie was a good character and I liked her connection with Joel, even though Joel wasn't much of a person. He kind of fit the role of Clint Eastwood when he needed to. Ellie's parts overall were my favorite and I kept wondering if she was meant for her own spinoff or sequel. But still, she's basically Ellen Page. I guess you could say I like Ellen Page. The story is Children of Men with a twist and a hint of zombies, right down to the end.

After the Ellie heavy portions of the game, I have to admit I found some of the landscapes awe inspiring, much moreso than earlier in the game, but mostly the graphics are underwhelming because of the low resolution. In fact, because I started to like Ellie, that was perhaps the only time crossing rushing water has actually felt like a perilous situation to me in a game. They could have done so much more with that connection. Overall, it's a shooter, so I won't play it again. Not only is the story a standard post-apocalyptic story, but it's never a good sign when you dread the coming action parts of the game. They could have chopped half of the game away, including price, and made it and adventure game like The Walking Dead and I would have liked it far better. Nothing happened in the game that would make me change my opinion that the game is a 7.0 as a game. The bonding between the characters was nice, but it did nothing to affect the fact this is a mediocre video game. Good as far as the complete scale of video games go, but on the low scale of what you'd expect from a AAA game. Really, I can say I found a lot of the game boring and/or frustrating and kept wanting to do so much more than just murder dudes.

Rental all the way.