The Last of Us is a rare gem and any PS3 owner that enjoys good story telling should pick up. (no spoilers)

User Rating: 9.5 | The Last of Us PS3
I haven't written a review for many years now, the fact that I am writing one now for this game should be a testament on how much I have enjoyed it. While I have only played through the game on the default difficulty and only on single player, I believe that any person that is thinking of getting an honest opinion of the game would find this review beneficial.

To start things off, yes, this game does take place in another zombie apocalypse. But, that is merely a framework in which this game decided to base its story upon, by no means does it rely on that premise to create its atmosphere.
The central draw of this game would definitely be its story telling. The voice acting is superb; you feel for the characters as if they could actually be people you know. The bits of conversations between the main characters through the adventure breathes life into the game. Like Uncharted, you would enjoy this game even if you only got the watch someone play it (I know I would) because the script is so well written and the cutscenes so well animated that you can feel like watching a movie at times. Which brings us to the second point of this review.
While the game is very cinematic, its great story telling does not distract the very 'video' game from being, well, a game. The cutscenes aren't usually very long, nor would you feel "oh man, another cutscene". The gameplay is not incredibly deep, but there is so much variety in the game's environment that no encounter is the same as the last, and no same encounter would play out the same way. Variety I speak of include variety of weapons, tactics, enemy types, and environment. There isn't a million weapons to choose from, but each weapon you get serves its purpose and feels unique, from a long range handgun that only has 1 shot in each clip to home made shrapnel mines. Tactics as in the choice you get during enemy encounters. There is a very nice balance between stealth and going in guns blazing. The game makes resources such as ammo scarce, so every shot you take counts. And because they are scarce, every time you expend them well feels rewarding. As for the enemy types, there aren't that many. But that is alright, as the developer has done a masterful job in creating the game's environment, which by the way, is the very essence of this game in my opinion if it hasn't sunk in yet. Every adventure you go through in the game is so well made that every situation can be considered a 'set piece'. The environment is so unique that even with the same enemies with the same armaments would never feel the same.

Overall, the game just sucks you into its world. I could've written more about its gameplay mechanics, but there are already guides that would serve that purpose. What is most important is how the game draws you in, and it does so by amazing visuals, voice acting, script, combat, and most importantly how well they all fit together.
For me, this game is a classic. Sure there are elements of this game that we have seen before, but in the end who cares. It is so well executed that you can get lost in the game. The only criticism that I have is that there are certain situations that somewhat break the immersion.
For anyone that enjoys a good story or a good thrill (from both story and the combat) this game is definitely for you.
9.5/10 from me.