Ill tell you the only few reasons why it's not a perfect game (no spoilers)

User Rating: 9.5 | The Last of Us PS3
I am honestly sick of the overused, post-apocalyptic worldwide epidemic story and I am not gonna lie it even makes this game kinda predictable, however everything else in this game makes up for that completely. The bond of Ellie and Joel is truly touching and drags you into the story and makes you forget about the big picture (that being the overused aspect), the gameplay from the subtle details of when in hiding Joel touches up against the objects to the slight sway of a gun after not moving it for a while, and the adventure element, which includes weapon crafting, upgrades, supplies, etc. that makes the story more involved and realistic.
My favorite part of this game has to be the stealth element. Being a huge fan of splinter cell, hitman, and thief for so many years, I think this is near to the closest you can get in terms of it feeling like real life stealth. Of course people are going to complain that enemies would obviously see you from a distant but trust me it's not a bother and it's a video game for crying out loud. The intensity in this game is truly awesome.
The only reason this game is not a 10 to me is for the button mashing and cinematic scenes that I wish naughty dog would of left behind with uncharted as well as my original point of the whole unoriginal post-apoc. idea but even so it's really not a big deal and everything else drowns these aspects. The people who are trying to say its sloppy and boring either own an xbox or just feel like bashing a hyped up game that actually is a near perfect game