Simply put,one of my favorite games. Ever. (No spoilers)

User Rating: 10 | The Last of Us PS3
The Last of Us is a gorgeous, amazing game. Naughty Dog hit another home run. This game is a better version of The Walking Dead. It has SUPERB character progression, amazing depth, beautiful graphics, and one of the best stories to date. Naughty Dog did a great job of making a world which feels terrible and lost. Then they bring in Ellie, and she quickly becomes the star of the game. She is a beautifully made character. The closest comparison to a female character as good as her would be Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite. She grew up in this living hell and wonders what the "real world" was like. So throughout the journey across the broken United States, you feel this bond grow between Joel and Ellie as Joel explains what it was like. You can almost feel the bond growing. In my opinion, that is because Ellie seems a lot like Joel's daughter, Sarah.
It is almost impossible to describe in words how amazing this game is. You just have to go out and buy it to experience this gaming marvel for yourself.