This is legit despite the polygon review of 7.5

User Rating: 9 | The Last of Us PS3
I am going to be very short and blunt as this is an triple A title and their is a ton of information all over the place. This game is a 9.0 easily, and the blemishes that the lowest scorer gave this game I simply do not agree with. My points against the polygon review are simply this, yes this game is dark and the combat brutal, but the shooting mechanics require skill and require the player think twice before using a sidearm. Their is a few nominal glitches, in contrast this games beauty and fun totally makes you forger anything negative. The jackass on polygon also stated that he found the game a little to brutal for his liking. I would like to add that the combat is simply marvelous in any way the player chooses to approach it. There are many ways to attack the survival situations in the game. Also worthy of note without giving away any spoilers, this title screams for multiple completions to build up or craft certain items for the higher difficulties and trophies. Last but not least is the issues with AI and the half walls that have been complained about, those issues have not interfered with my style of play thus far. Having a half wall is necessary in this title because of the way the character must quickly leap and stealth. The full wall with the control versus cover scheme would not work with the action conveyed. Again this is all pushing toward the polygon review. Feel free to read the polygon review and decide for yourself if this title was unjustly burned by that **** reviewer.