User Rating: 10 | The Last of Us PS3

This Game is absolutely AWESOME! and one of the Best Game Ever on the last days of PS3!!;-) WOW!

And YES, it's not only about killing the "Clicker Zombies" to survive, the big point are the special growing relationship between the characters by Joel and Ellie!! "The Last Of Us" is really a fantastic gaming experience, they have a great Story telling and "feeling", the Gameplay are varied and awesome too AND "The Last Of Us" looks so f...... AMAZING and the Gaming Atmosphere are one of the Best Ever i have seen on tbe console!!!

THE LAST OF US = Game Of The Year Awards for BEST PS3 Game, BEST Story, BEST Console Graphics, and many more categories... ;-)

BIG THX Naughty Dog! I can't wait of a second part of this Masterpiece on the next gen PS4! :-) and maybe it's a start of a new another great Game Series like the Uncharted Series for Sony on the next generation console.