One of the best ps3 games of all time for a proper review

User Rating: 10 | The Last of Us PS3
I've completed it twice now and still want more your companion's A.I is some of the bast I've seen they stay stealth until you go loud unlike Skyrim and so many others giving away your position which is great because stealthily killing entire rooms of enemies is incredibly satisfying companions occasionally fires a gun or walks in front of an enemy, which you can't control. Another brilliant aspect of The Last of Us is its crafting options, all of which happen in real-time so you need to stock up before you get into a fight like a good old Molotov or two. its got a Uncharted meets left 4 dead fill about it. you fall in love with the characters from the beginning which compliment each other superbly. The voice actors fill just right which drawers you in even more
the last of us is truly immersive game