The Last of Us Review/Rant (PS3)

User Rating: 3 | The Last of Us PS3
“One of the best games of all time” “one of the highest rated games on the PS3” “10 out of 10” The Last of Us is a game that has garnered a lot of acclaim since its intial release for its revolutionary story. But what about the gameplay? You know, the main reason this is called a video game? The whole reason to buy this game in the first place? Most of the perfect scores and praise for this game are aimed at the story, and while the story is good, the gameplay is what should matter first and foremost when it comes to critiquing a game. Thats what should always come first. And holy hell, the gameplay in the last of us is mediocre. Its not horrible, but its nothing more than a clone of resident evil 5. And its not even as good as RE5. However, despite this, I could still be willing to give this game a 5, or even a 6 put of ten, but the reason I rank it lower than that is because of just how over rated it truly is. Most people only really give this game a ten out of ten because of its story, and while that would be all the reason needed to give this a perfect score if this was a MOVIE, this isn’t a movie, its a game. And as a game, it fails to leave any sort of impact in the one area it needs to, the gameplay. And I know I’m gonna get a lot of hate for this opinion, and that people will scream at me saying, “ITS NOT ABOUT THE GAMEPLAY HERE! ITS ABOUT THE STORY AND THE JOURNEY OF THESE CHARACTERS!” Guys, games are always about gameplay, FIRST AND FOREMOST. I don’t give passes to games just for having a good story even though the gameplay is either bad or non existent. And here it very apparent that naughty dog spent way too much time on the story and didn’t give enough attention to the gameplay. And it looks like TLOU2 will suffer from the same problem, and at this point I wouldn’t be surprised if the TLOU3 ends up playing like games such as life is strange or the telltale series, where the “gameplay” in those games is nothing more than a series of glorified quick time events. So overall, the Last of Us gets a 3/10. It may have a good story and would have made for an excellent movie, but as a game, it fails where it needs to and proves that people will just automatically adore anything that has naughty dog’s name on it. Seriously, if this is the direction the company is going towards with their games now, they might as well just quit making games and switch over to the film industry.