a game that was born classic.

User Rating: 9 | The Last of Us Remastered PS4
The Last of Us is undoubtedly one of the best exclusive of PS3, a game that surprised much in its launch, many thought it would be an Uncharted with zombies, but the game turned out to be more than that, showed to have an exciting narrative and characters well-built, the game revolves around Joel and Ellie, one of the greatest triumphs of The Last of us is the chemistry between the characters, and is growing in the progress of the game and you begin to increasingly like and care for the characters and every moment and you fear for them in their dangerous moments, it is a long game, it has between 10 and 15 hours of gameplay, it is a game that manages to have a great rhythm and it does not get tiring, the graphics are beautiful, the ambiance is sensational , reminded me a little of the Childreen of Men masterpiece Afonso Cuáron's movie, and there are several moments that we will see the city from afar and are beautiful scenes, the gameplay of the game is efficient, in this respect reminds Uncharted, but with an improvement that is Stealth, of the to do parts in The Last of Us without killing nobody, in Uncharted was something impossible (in the Uncharted 4 was improved in this question), the game has a good amount of arms and has Craft to make improvements in the arms and had items that finds in the There are also collectibles in the scene, recorder, magazines, papers and pendants, the soundtrack is soft, calm and even though it is not as explosive as Uncharted's is as good as it is (I like Uncharted more for having a good adventure and makes me remember movies like Indiana Jones and Lawrence of Arabia), the voice work and motion capture is impeccable, the expressions they are so impressive, and the characters in the game are very good, and the storyline they manage to be maintains with quality, there is a beginning that can already hit the player because it is shocking, and the end of the game is very frustrating and surprising. leaves a lot the questions asked if it was the right thing to do, but I think the game errs in wanting to be dramatic in almost everything, there are 2 characters that appear in the game that I found the destiny of the 2 half forced, 1 of them I think was interesting but the attitude of the other I found well exaggerated and forced and could easily be different, The Last of Us is a play, but a hit of Naughty Dog that caught its heyday of 2009 and that lasts until today with games of great quality. Note 94