I Am Legend- Part 2 - Reflections

User Rating: 7 | The Last of Us: Game of the Year Edition PS3

A mix of I Am Legend Movie plus surviving games.

I happily bought the Last of Us video game, in due to the hype it made, but as soon as I began to play the game, it was unavoidable to find a resemblance with the Movie starring Will smith.

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Resemblances I found:

ResemblanceI Am LegendThe Last Of Us
The survivor with the cure or immunity to the diseaseA boyA Girl
The main character whose objective is to save the cureA womanA Man
The monsters are consequence of a disease that caused the apocalypseTrueTrue
Monsters only live in darknessPartly TrueTrue

About the Game:

It's a slow paced game, it'll surely test your patience, with a "Try and Error" gameplay.


I played it ona 7.2 sound system and it sound realy awesome.

Ambient noises so finely recorded.

Voices highly emotional.


Nothing new or remarkable here.

Experimentation Rate:

I named this after how the game makes us feel or react to it.

This game makes you feel inmerse in a horror movie, its atmosphere creates hopes and doubts as you advance in the story.

While you in the dark areas, it creates tension for knowing if you will enconter the "thing" made it.

And when you are in the light areas, you will feel easy and preparing yourself for the next "dark" area.


It is a good game, enjoy it, not forcing it to be like the rest of all.