The most amazing story of any game

User Rating: 10 | The Last of Us Remastered PS4

Since I just recently bought a PS4 after having a 360 I've never played the Last of Us and this came free with the system so I decided to give it a shot and let me tell you I’m glad I did.

I've always been more into playing single player campaigns than playing online so I was extremely grateful that this game is long compared to most games out there today. The story in this game is so amazing it’s hard to believe it was a video game story and not a movie. I have played tons of video games but I have never become this attached to a story from a video game. It has everything: drama, action, comedy, romance, horror, and thriller it is a perfect story and really dragged me in. The characters make the story, Joel and Ellie is the greatest video game duo since Salem and Rios from Army of Two. Ellie is so unique because there has never been a character like her in any game but enough about the story I’m not going to say any events because it should just be played.

The gameplay is awesome because it includes my favorite type stealth. Since this game is a survival-horror sometimes weapons are scarce and you have to choose whether to run in and blast everything you see, sneak up behind people and take them out silently one at a time, or just avoid them altogether. You can craft a lot of different types of items with materials you find throughout the game for example you need a rag and flammable fluid to make a Molotov. You can craft a shiv, medical kit, bomb, Molotov, and a smoke bomb. You can also upgrade your weapons throughout the game and upgrade Joel. He has this ability called “listening mode” which detects where the enemies are even through walls and the best part is there’s no time duration to it.

Left Behind is awesome as well because you find out how a couple of the events came about that wasn't explained in the original story. I didn't play the multiplayer because the game is old now so I imagine I wouldn’t be able to find a room anyways.

In conclusion this game is amazing and I highly recommend you play it.