Best Game

User Rating: 10 | The Last of Us Remastered PS4

I give it that rating. I am an old man so I don't play much but my besties are - Thief God the Dark project. Then I really like Alan Wake but eh. Then I gave Red Dead Redemption a 10 and I have to give this one a 10. I loved the story line; the game play and the characters. I love story driven adventure games. I loved that there was a survival aspect to the game but it did not make survival too hard. So it gave enough resources for crafting in order to take out enemies. I loved the sniper weapon and best of all the bow and arrow. One precise shot and you get an instant silent kill. Best of all about this game was the graphics. I have never seen graphics - THIS good. AND I loved that you could pause the game - take a snap shot and manipulate the pic and then upload that to Facebook. That was cool. What I really didn't like about the game was the profanity. I hate seeing a little kid curse and swear. I also don't like watching children romance. I think that should not be in games. But that just me. Other than that - its a 10.