One of the best games you will ever play

User Rating: 10 | The Last of Us Remastered PS4

Quite simply, The Last of Us is an essential purchase, whether you own a PS3 or PS4.

With exceptional combat, engrossing characters and a narrative that continually keeps you interested and involved, there is very little that this game doesn't get right.

I have played through the main story three times on different difficulty settings and I would still happily go through again.

In The Last of Us, you care about main characters Joel and Ellie, as they make their way through the zombie infested world. Their bond grows as you progress, and you cannot help but take an invested interest in their journey.

Combat is varied and well-paced throughout, with a good selection of weaponry and bombs at your disposal. Ammunition isn't exactly plentiful, so a strategic approach can be to your advantage, especially on the higher difficulty settings.

With weapons to upgrade and plenty of collectibles to find, The Last of Us will certainly keep you busy with things to do.

The online journey is just as engrossing, as you look to build up your clan of survivors, and complete challenges which increase in difficulty as your ranking gets higher. It is a completely different experience from say, Call of Duty, where you have a limited amount of ammo, but can pick up and craft items from toolboxes that are scattered throughout each of the maps.

There really isn't any debate to be had as to whether The Last of Us deserves a place in your Playstation collection. Unless you aren't a fan of shooters perhaps. If you haven't played it to date, firstly where have you been!?, and secondly, just get it!