Interesting and boring at the same time

User Rating: 8 | The Last of Us PS3

Having completed the game now, I simply cannot shake-off the feeling of being let-down. Its post-apocalyptic setting while fittingly empty can also be too bland at times. Over the course of game I grew to love and care Joel and Ellie relationship, but at the same time I was underwhelmed by the lack of broader narrative. Why should I care about the post-apocalyptic setting of TLoU ? There were simply not enough plot-threads or NPC back stories here for me to get invested.

Also, with the exception of a handful of outstanding combat sequences, it played out like a pretty drab game. Does this fit the overall tone of the game ? Yes. But is it really fun or engrossing ? No, not really. For me it became tedious and monotonous fairly quickly.

Overall, this is more of an experience than an actual game 8/10