Once of the greatest...Really.

User Rating: 9 | The Last of Us Remastered PS4

As a new PS4 owner; everywhere I looked this game is often praised as 'one of the best' or 'near perfect'. Being a cynic I did expect something fantastic, but could it really be 'all that'?

Pleasingly the game is superb, with wonderful visuals, gameplay and what keeps you coming back for more is the story. This game like no other I've experienced felt compulsive, I HAD to know what happens next with Ellie & Joel. If I had my neck bitten off by one of the infected multiple times, I had no desire to launch the controller through a nearby glass table, I just kept trying to get my 'fix' of another slice of story.

The story is the great draw here, but the stealth or chaos choice you often have to make in getting from beginning to end of an area is also very nicely done, with intelligent A.I. your foes are no easy picking. The crafting options are great, as is having to look in every single nook and cranny to gather items so you can ensure you have enough health packs to survive an onslaught of foes, or have a sufficient amount of molotov cocktails to torch a room full of mushroom faced zombies!

The only thing that stops this being a '10' is that it is completely linear, it would be nice if decisions made affected the overall outcome by the end of the game, because of this it is more an interactive story than a game. Don't get me wrong from start to finish this game is brilliant and should be experienced by everyone. Some may say it should be a little longer, but pound for pound this is an epic cinematic experience with excellent voice acting and character development.

Buy it and Play it, do not miss out.