Still great but did we really need a remastered version?

User Rating: 9 | The Last of Us Remastered PS4

If you read my Left Behind dlc for the Last Of Us review, you saw that I went on a little rant about how I am tired of hearing about the The Last Of Us being talked about so much, don't get me wrong this game is by no means a bad game, I wouldn't be giving it a nine if I thought it was, but people call this one of the best games ever made, and to be honest that irks me a little bit, this is a great game don't think I'm saying it's not, but the best game ever? Come on, do you know how many games are worthy of that title alone, I'm not saying that The Last Of Us couldn't be considered for it, but I am saying that it bothers me that so many people would just up and call it the best game ever made like that statement dosen't mean anything and any game can have that phrase uttered. It's a good game I am not arguing that fact but what I am arguing is that this game, lets be honest gets a little more praise then it deserves too. I know I already reviewed this game on the Ps3 but I want to talk about it a little more in a second playthrough sort of mind, so if you haven't seen my first review of the Last Of Us I recommend you read that before you read this one.

Story:So if you read my first review you know what the story is about now let me tell you how I felt in my second playthrough playing this. What I think makes this games story truly great is the characters, there are really no throw away characters in this story, every single one has purpose and every single one is memorable, and thats what makes a lot of the story memorable, when you think back to one of these characters you remember the situation you were in with them, and how much of a struggle it was to get out of it, and I think Naughty Dog did a terrific job when it comes to the characters in this story all of them have their own personality's and like I said all of them had a huge purpose in the story. The story's pacing also works very well in this game, This is a long game, I would estimate about twelve hours, and it's hard to keep any gamers attention when it starts hitting I would say about the seven hour mark if you don't have a compelling story and not only that but a story that is well paced, and the Last Of Us has both of these attributes, As I mentioned purpose for the characters, there is also purpose for all the area's of the plot, not just the progression of it but the character development for Joel and Ellie and this is a huge reason why TLOU's story is such a good story, not only do they progress the plot in the right direction and in a meaningful way but they also build up their main character's progression of not just their development but their progression through all of this what they become and how they become it and what it will lead up to in the end of the game. The story definitly dosen't try to take too many risks, but it dosen't really need to be due to it's captivating nature and that's what make this games story so great.

Presentation: Ive mentioned in my previous review that TLOU presentation was really good, and nothings changed they did such a good job with it in this game, first off we have to mention that TLOU has gotten a visual overhaul for the PS4 is their much of a difference from the PS3 version? Well... yeah, but it's definitly not the best looking PS4 game ever, I mean if anything the textures look better it's not like they actually completley overhauled it, which I have to say dissapoints me, I just don't understand this whole lets make the same game over again with a new coat of paint and thats really all it is, theirs nothing new when it comes to this game and that truly dissapoints me, sure they took the price down for fifty buck but is it really worth getting the same game over again for that price? No if you ask me, even if you are a huge fan. Anyways the soundtrack is as good as it was as the original nothings changed and it still sounds great, and I also wanted to mention when I first played this game I was definitly a little scared when I played this game, but now it really isn't scary at all, and maybe it's because I have played through it multiple times and I'm just used to it now, but even on my second playthrough it wasn't that bad either, I definitly wouldn't say that this is as scary as I made it out to be in my first review, but for people who play this game for the first time will be a bit nervous when it comes to this games atmosphere. This game presentation does so well when it comes to the actual feeling of playing this game, because this game really feels like you are progressing in this game without any speedbumps even though some people could argue there are some in the story, either way I think the presentation is amazing and a huge part of why this game is so great.

Gameplay:The Last Of Us's gameplay is definitly one reason why people don't see this game as perfect as most people say it is and the reason for that is because lets be honest, it's very generic, that dosen't mean it's bad of course, but we have seen so many games like this and I have to agree that isn't very new in any regards, however for what it is makes it truly special and great. The gameplay is your typical survival horror type of shooting game, you must conserve ammo, because there is very little to go around, One thing that makes this games gameplay so good, is the multiple strategys you can make in this game, you don't have to choose just stealth and fire fights, if you are good enough at the game you can make a suitable way of preforming combat in almost any situation, like for instance say there are three guy that you are hiding from, you can take down one of the guys silently shoot the other guy and then run up to the other guy with your bat and knock him, out, this makes this situation only lose you one bullet and like I said this is exactly what the gameplay does so well it makes the situations really affect the output of what you would think to do in an actual situation like this and I think that is why so many people love this game's gameplay so much, and you aren't just limited to just guns and a bat. You can also make medkits, shivs, a metal explosive, all sorts of other things that add so many other strategys to the gameplay that your ideas become endless when it comes to combat. You can also scrounge for supplys this super important for limited ammo and for even upgrades for that matter, the game definitly rewards you for looking for supplys because if you scrounge in even most of the areas in this game, you will definitly have more then enough ammo for most of the situations in the game, especially if you aim very carefully in this game. The upgrades in this game play a very important part in this game also, crafting speed is a must in tight situations and even wrapping yourself up in a medkit, faster will definitly be needed, and again if you choose to look for these you won't regret because you almost have to in this game, because if you don't you are going to have a tough time in this game. The AI in this game, has been under fire a lot in this game, also in this version I have to say I had pretty much no problems out all with it, and in fact I felt like it was much better in this game, maybe I just had lucky playthroughs or they fixed this problem really well. The gameplay in this game is excellent.

(Spoiler Alert)In my first review I felt like the ending to this game was not very good, and I still stand by that, you can argue and say that this whole story was about Joel losing his humanity, and Ellie was all he had left, but come on, this was so sequel baiting, I'm sorry but ok as the last line in the game after Joel lies to Ellie was just flat out dumb I mean come on their needed to be a little more detail to this ending, I know Ellie and Joel care for eachother immensly, but the way they set up this ending was just retarded, they should of just ended the game with the car scene before the ending scene at least that would of showed what would of happened and it would have been over, but instead they choose to awkwardly end the game with a stupid question that Ellie already knows the answer too, I mean come on I just don't like this ending, and you can sass me about it all you want but I think they could of done a better job, The story is great, the ending not so much.

Overall The Last Of Us is not a perfect game I will say that from the get go, but it is a memorable that does a lot of things right, sure I do believe it is overpraised but there is still something that I love about this game so much, I would definitly say that this game could be one of the best games on the PS3 or PS4 but ever? I don't know about that. If you have the PS3 version stick with that it's not worth paying another fifty bucks for just improved visiuals but if you have not been able to play this game before then this game is a must buy,