Like watching a horror flick being embedded in it...

User Rating: 8 | The Last of Us Remastered PS4

This is a good game. Worth buying and worth playing.

It's pretty much a (bit longer) horror movie where you have the ability to move the characters around and kill anyone posing an obstacle. That makes it fun and immersive with the only downside of giving you a pre-written path - much like the screenplay of a movie.

Obviously you should get the kicks out of this kind of game/movie because a small jump can't be avoided here and there, especially if you can experience it with a loud sound (better with surround) late in the night. Playing it like that definitely expands the greatness of the whole experience.

Like Naughty Dog has presented us with before, the visuals are something of another level. Great! Textures have bling and are smooth and detail is amazing. The photography, like in a real flick, takes a huge leap forward in video games on this one, playing a huge role in the beautiful colors presented from the skin tones to the green landscapes. Sometimes you feel like a filter has been used on the image, making it creepier or lighting things up according to the moment you're in.

Obvious in my previous words that the story is good, or else it wouldn't capture anyone into it. It's definitely the best I've played in a video game so far.

Overall, and despite all my complements above, I'm not pulling my rating higher because the game suffers a bit here and there... Frame rate issues do occur from time to time - something I would believe to be polished in an exclusive (Sony) game for such a powerful machine as they say the PS4 is - so far I've seen little of it and I keep saying that if you have the PS3/X360 you can wait a bit more to buy this new generation consoles. I've also experienced graphic bugs - in the hospital sequence for a couple of times Joel suddenly became running and falling over the immense dark blue skies. It was annoying and patched itself up after a few deaths. Finally, and more seriously, a major glitch on the game saves lost me an hour worth playing, having to do it all over again. It's unforgivable!