I don't get it

User Rating: 7 | The Last of Us (Survival Edition) PS3

After a year of hearing people saying this game is the best game ever or the best game to come on the playstation3 I finally give in and bought an used copy of a special edition that came with the DLC.

The game is about a guy that lost his daughter in a zombie apocalypse and now try to survive in this military world where almost no humain are left. He got a job to escort a Young girl outside the city to a labotary because she may have the DNA that will save the world. So both of them travel to this destination and became more than a simple job.

So now that the story is settle, I bet you read or Watch the review Tom made and it is not as prasing as what you saw on other website.

Sure the game is beautiful, one of the best looking game on the PS3 but that is pretty much it for me.

The story is well done and interesting enough but no matter what ND said, this is a zombie game.

I really don't get what so unbeleivable about this game which is more about the story telling ( and so being a movie ) than being a game that you actually play. I must say the controls are better than what I suffered from Uncharted but still, shooting should be your last resort in this game since it make too much noise and aiming is a pain in the ass.

It should all be about your emotion and your connection to the caracters and what they live so the focus is there and it shows in the gameplay which isn't that great. But I guess that if you liked Uncharted, you will love this because it is pretty similar in the way the battles works, the way the gun fight too and of course how the caracter moves and the camera.

I'm still not sure if I'll finish this game or not, so if this is what the PS3 and PS4 as best to offer, color me unimpress,

I feel very deconnected from the gaming community for the past 3 or so years .. game like this, uncharted, dishonored, bioshock infinite ... all games that I played, that got very high praise, all games that I hated.