Apparently Crysis 2 is a better game....

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Crysis 2 8.5 Score Crysis 3 7.5 Score, slightly worse than Last of Us Bioshock Infi. (Whooping) 9.0... maybe the first 5 hours.. so much out-door action, hm wait what ? BioShock 2 Score 8.5, also better of a game than Last of Us will ever be Assassin's Creed III Score 8.5 And now the BIG ONE! FINAL FANTASY 13!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Score 8.5 How about another one? Searious Sam or Encounter , Score 8.5 resp. 8.9 Play the game on Hard next time. Lobotomy for free? Serious Sam is better....
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To hell with the reviews. Only you can judge which games are better than others, it's all subjective.

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lol sorry but the reviews of thous games dont mean jack because the last of us is not the same kind of game, if you go by critics the last of us is actually the better game 

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Ugh. Don't you people realize by now that the games are rated based on their own merits and not by how they compare to scores or other games? That would be a dumb way to review games.
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This is why you don't just look at one site for how good a game is.  The 8.0 that Gamespot gave it is the lowest major score given to it; this doesn't mean that it is a horrible review, but that this opinion is an outlier.  You can probably find lower scores on other sites for the other games that you listed.

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Played it and it's an 8.0 game. What's your point?

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Thats just your opinion.  You likely always have very high standards it doesn't matter how much they do right, you will give it the lowest rating you can just to annoy people. Go troll somewhere else loser.

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A F**cking heartless robot reviewed the Last of us for GameSpot. 8 out of 10 my ass. This game is a 10. Best game ever made.