Out of this world game, Atrocious ending

User Rating: 8 | The Last of Us Part II PS4

Warning: Spoilers

The game it's self is absolutely incredible, I enjoyed it so much and it's definitely up there with one of the best games I've ever played. I've seen a lot of people giving it 1's because Joel dies but they need to grow up. It's like they've never watched a film or a tv series where characters they like die, it's apart of the story. Don't get me wrong it him me like a tonne of bricks but it's apart of the story. However the game would get a 10 but I have a big critique. The final mission where you go to kill Abby is so pointless there's literally not a single point in that mission. They should've just ended it with Ellie living happy on the farm with Dina and JJ and Abby and lev finding the fireflies. I would've been so happy with that ending. But the ending they've gone for is Ellie roaming the wilderness alone and we have absolutely no idea what's happened to Abby and lev. Awful ending it's a 10/10 game but the ending knocks two points off for sure. I also couldn't have been the only person to really like Abby so I wasn't happy at all at the end when we were trying to kill her.