I wanted so bad for this to be a good game

User Rating: 2 | The Last of Us Part II PS4

Ill start with the positive first. The graphics in this game are AMAZING! Stellar quality throughout the entire game and it needs to be praised for it. The brutality and dark tone are also great! I love how this game doesn't shy away from showing blood and gore. Lastly, the world-building is the highest in its class. I love the idea of how the cordycep spores change people into zombies. Now for the bad... The story, writing, character development, and plot holes that this game contains makes me never want to replay it again. Such a step back in quality when compared to the first game. characters behave irradically, not according to their personalities and only behave according to how Neil Druckman wanted them to behave. Even if this goes completely against who they are as a person. so many plot holes!! also the pacing in this game is absolutely terrible. Makes me as a player feel ripped out of the experience and like the game is totally wasting my time! such a tragedy because the first game was so great. Neil Druckman and the writers of this story made a terrible mistake with the story, writing, and direction. Even if they defend thier stance till the end of the earth, its a poor job on thier part. Doesnt respect the characters from the first game, doesnt respect the players emotions, and doesnt respect the players time.