Dark, slow and sublime

User Rating: 10 | The Last of Us Part II PS4

This game is some of those rare gems that we can find from time to time. Even the slow of this game, I enjoyed every minute, and when it finished I wanted more. This game has had a lot bad critics, I think that given the story, and the way Ellie and Joel were developed in the first part, it is hard to make an approach that accomplishes everyone, some will be satisfied while other would make a point to try to argument a different approach. In my case, in order to fully enjoy the game, I did not set any expectation, just let the game goes as it is trusting the judge of the developer.

The good:

+ Top notch story. It is the kind of game that after you finish it want more. Few games have the character development that this game has. This part, it is not only about Joel and Ellie, but also a new character called Abby. There are also a lot of secondary characters that make the game deeper. The game is long, like 28 hours. But you will want more after it finishes.

+ Superb graphics. On PS5 runs great, no loading time, good 60 fps, good everything.

The bad:

- I do not know exactly. It is not perfect but it is hard to say a bad thing that worth mentioning. I do not want to spoil here. The approach is difficult to digest, multiple situation will be faced and you can enjoy it or hate it or accept it.

If you have not tried The Last of Us Part I and II, I would highly recommend to try them.