Short and doesn't look like anything special, but surprisingly addictive and fun.

User Rating: 9 | The Last Guy PS3
The Japanese developers sure are weird, they have big sense of humor and makes dozens of comedy, and they also have a lot of crazy ideas for video games, but more often or not, they also make some brilliant stuff, like Metal Gear Solid, Final Fantasy, Silent Hill and the Shin Megami Tensei games, are just some of the many excellent examples that the Japanese, certainly are weird, but are very creative. The Last Guy is another weird idea that they've come up with.

It's doomsday, a mysterious purple light has hit earth, turning people into monsters. Fortunately, people who stayed inside haven't been infected, but their also helpless. You play as The Last Guy, a zombie from the Himalayan Mountains. You love humanity and take on a red cape and join forces with the U.R.F (United Rescue Forces), and decide to save humanity.

The game is played from a top down perspective, and you need to go find the survivors. The survivors are all hidden indoors, so you have to get to the building their in, and just stand outside it, in order for the survivors to come out. It's easy and simple to get them out, but you easily have to rescue 1000 survivors in order to complete the first stages, and that number rises to 1500 and even 3000, and with a time limit, you better expect to lead a insane number of survivors at once, it's more dangerous, but faster. You can hold down the circle button to get your survivors to move faster, though this depletes your stamina bar, as does sprinting. Enemies are almost everywhere in the game, so you need to carefully plan your next move, though you can't wait forever, as your given a time limit. You can easily spot survivors by holding down the X button to activate thermal goggles, but enemies won't appear while using them, so don't use them all the time!

There's actually a good amount of enemy types, and the game introduces a new enemy in every stage, which keeps the game from getting old very quickly. Besides the normal zombies, you have zombie mobs, stalkers, chameleon zombies which you need thermal to spot and even giant worms and fire eruptions. The enemies normally just wander around, but if they spot you, they will normally charge after you. If they hit your line, then the number of survivors get's reduced and they'll all go hide behind the nearest building or whatever they can hide in, and if they touch you, it's game over, so you get extra reasons to carefully plan your next move.

There are some complaints though, given that the game is in a top down perspective and the layout of the levels, it's easy to run into walls and such, simply because it's not always that easy to see, though it doesn't ruin anything. The game can also be very frustrating at times, enemies might appear out of nothing sometimes, and the enemies' movement can also be hard to predict sometimes, you can run close to them and they can still spot you, but even if they haven't, it's not easy to evade them. In more than a few instances, I walked close to a enemy, not too close so that it would see me though, but as soon as I chose to run to the other side, then the monster would also go in that direction and vice versa, it's really frustrating at times. Another thing that might frustrate is, that you can't tell your survivors to go wait somewhere and them embark to save other survivors, which make it a little more hard to go rescue more survivors.

Though, for it's problems, the game never get's boring. Besides the fact that new enemies get's introduced in every stage, and some levels even require you to do things like loop around a building or lure a worm to smash defenses, in order to rescue survivors, so it never get's boring. The game can become addictive actually, especially if you wanna rescue every one and the VIP's.

The game is split up into 15 levels, spread across 4 sections, which you can easily burn through the game in a weekend. Replay value comes in form of VIP's that are scattered throughout the levels, rescue them and you unlock additional levels, plus there are leader boards for every stage. A mission pack was released for the game in May 2009, which included additional missions and trophy support.


The game doesn't really push the PS3. There are characters, but the perspective makes it hard to actually see the character design itself, so there's nothing to write home about. The character movements are ok, but the survivor's movements are the most funniest. They all spas out when a monster appears and it looks really funny. The levels themselves are actually made out of real satellite images, so it's actually possible to be able to rescue survivors from your own house, providing you actually live in any of the areas that have been put to use in the game.


There's not a lot of voice acting in the game, but what's in there, is defiantly weird, but it has it's charm. The crowd also screams when monsters are nearby, which is quite funny. The music is a bit 8-bit, but it's surprisingly catchy.


The Last Guy is short yes, but it's addicting and surprisingly fun. Sure it may not look like much in screenshots and the concept sounds a bit stupid, but it's a lot of fun and it proves, that Japanese people have a weird sense of humor, but they also make good entertainment.