I really hope this game comes out

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What about you guys? It has so much potential to be awesome. I'll do what it takes to make this game come out. I'll hire freelance programmers and artists to help out Fumito. We should start a kickstarter account or somethin'.
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Will probbably take another year or two if you can trust this though http://www.computerandvideogames.com/377016/last-guardian-yoshida-declines-to-commit-to-2013-release/

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Sony is just correcting a mistake from their past by not pushing it. Shadow of the Colossus was never "finished". They had planned 24 colossus, instead we got 16. They had a secret way to the very top of the temple, instead we only get to the secret garden. There was also going to be an alternate ending if you had an ICO save. While they made do and put together a great product in the end...it still wasn't a completed vision. I think this time Sony is letting them go as long as it takes. It will come out...logically, Sony has invested way too much money into this to not see at least a little bit of a return. Last Guardian probably has enough hype to sell well and be worth the wait....especially since it is gaining in popularity simply due to the drama of it taking so long.