One of the Best King of Fighters since King of Fighters 98

User Rating: 9.4 | King of Fighters: Maximum Impact 2 PS2
KOF Maximum impac 2 is FANTASTIC, AMAZING, GREAT. These are the words i can find to describe it. This game is much better then kof maximum impac its predecessor.
The diference of this 2 games its like the diference between kof94 and kof98.
I can say it has the kof 2D essence in it. The 2D combos are very well applyed to the 3D scenario. We can call this game a truly kof.
If anyone has played kof 2D before wont have any problems to play this 3D game.
We have the normal 2D combos and a few new 3D combos but they are very easy to do and it fun to play this game.
Since kof98 i didnt had so much fun playing a kof game.
The grafics are fantastic. The 3D scenario are amazing. Its so fun to make a combo and finish it with SDM ;o)
The only aspect not too good of this game is the sound. Its kof style no dout about it but this is a 3D game not an arcade game.
The music should be a lot better then it is. The good aspect is having the choice to have japanese or english sound. The japanese sound its much better then the english( in my opinion of course).
This game have a lot of extras to be unlocked( like a lot of clothes and secret characters) so the game is never boring.
The new characters are cool.
In the end, if you are a truly kof fan you have to buy this game. For people that are playing kof for the first time and love fighting games they will love one for sure.